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Although very popular in Europe, tile and slate are very rare in Canada. Many people have a misconception about the costs associated with these products. Although a clay tile project is much more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof, the price of clay or slate tiles is comparable to some metal products or cedar, but less expensive than their synthetic imitations. Tiles and slates are extremely environmentally friendly materials and, with occasional maintenance, can have an almost unlimited lifespan.

Cedar tree

Cedar shingles are the most natural product you can put on your roof. When properly installed, a cedar roof can last for more than 50 years. Cedar is an excellent choice for people interested in preserving the heritage aspect of their home. Cedar shingles come in natural shades but can also be coloured to almost any desired shade.


Overall, synthetic products provide you with the most choice and control over the color and style you want for your roof. Nowadays, you can likely find a synthetic imitation for any material that has already been used in roofing. Most will have warranties that go far beyond the product they are imitating. For example, most synthetic cedar shingles will be covered for more than 40 years, while a person who buys cedar may not get any warranty on the materials.

It is important to consider that benefiting from an extended warranty period increases the cost of the product. A synthetic tile will certainly distinguish your home from the others, but you should compare the price of other material options before making your decision.

Here are some of the synthetic product lines available at Zion Roofing:

  • Davinci;
  • Inspire;
  • Symphonie.