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Our commitment to you

When it comes to roof inspections and evaluations, our commitment is to be honest with you. We will give you the information we have, work hard and use our resources to provide you with additional reliable information as needed.

You don’t need an inspection?

Sometimes the cause of a problem is obvious, and no inspection is required. The good news is that our estimates are free in most cases. Whether you need a quote to determine the cost of replacing part or all of your roof or a repair, our experienced estimators can provide you with a reliable estimate of the costs associated with the work required.

When should you have your roof inspected?

Our clients have used our services to obtain information on the condition and functionality of their roof in the following situations:

  • To guarantee the integrity of a roof in order to renew an insurance policy;
  • To confirm the condition and approximate life of a roof when purchasing a property;
  • To evaluate the quality of work performed by another roofing contractor;
  • To determine the cause of infiltration, mold or other damage that could be related to a roof defect;
  • To find a solution to recurring problems such as ice build-up, shingle blow-offs, or rodent damage.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, if you need an inspection for your roof, we can provide you with relevant information that will help you solve problems related to your roof by choosing effective solutions.

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