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Roof repair and maintenance


There are several reasons why components of a roof may become defective and a roofing repair can sometimes resolve the issue without having to change the entire roof.

No matter which part of your roof is defective, our team can find the source of the problem and suggest the best possible solutions. Fortunately for you, in most cases (and when Mother Nature allows it), we can perform emergency repairs on the same day at competitive rates.

Damage caused by wind gusts


The Ottawa and Gatineau area has seen its number of strong wind events increase in recent years, and this has resulted in shingles lifting and blowing off hundreds of homes in the area. Unfortunately, in many cases these shingles blew away due to a sloppy installation.

This is particularly true of roofs that were installed during the original construction of the house. Some construction contractors may not always be concerned about the quality of the roof in residential projects when they are trying to build as many houses as possible at the lowest possible cost. Often, the shingles may not be properly nailed, or there are too many nails, or the roofer has not placed the shingles properly and has completely drilled through the materials.

Whether it’s to change a few shingles, redo an entire side of the roof or replace a piece of loose siding or fascia, we can restore the beauty of your home and make it waterproof before further damage occurs.

Damage caused by ice and snow


Most homeowners in the region now know that ice accumulation can cause problems, but don’t know how much snow or ice is too much for their roof. There is no precise answer, which is the reason for general confusion on the topic. The level of the slope and the width of the soffits are two determining factors for the weight of snow your roof can support before a leak can occur and cause damage inside your home. However, no ice formation is good for your roof. An accumulation of only 1 cm of ice may be enough to cause leaks. In such cases, the ice forms a barrier that water cannot pass through. When water cannot be drained down the roof, it begins to escape sideways or upwards until it finds an outlet, often ending up inside the house.

The ice on the roof


It is however not necessary to remove all the ice from a roof. Large pieces of ice are often frozen onto your shingles and removing them completely usually results in damage to your roof. Water only needs a path to escape, so as long as incisions are made in the ice to allow water to be evacuated from the roof, a leak should be avoidable.

If you have a recurring problem with ice dams it may be a good idea to schedule an attic inspection to ensure that it has adequate insulation and ventilation. A lack of insulation or ventilation in the attic can significantly contribute to ice forming on the roof and can cause other problems as well. Sometimes a house could have ice problems even if everything is in order. Other times, it is simply a combination of the size of the roof and its position in relation to the sun, causing a natural freeze-thaw cycle. If everything is in order, but you have recurring ice problems, heating wires could be a potential solution.

Snow on the roof


Snow is rarely the cause of problems when there is no ice accumulation. Unfortunately, we have experienced record years of snowfall and these very large amounts of snow can lead to problems. If the conditions are right, snow on a roof can become very heavy. A few feet of light snow typically won’t cause an issue however, if it partially melts and then snows again and this cycle occurs many times, the accumulated snow becomes much denser and can weigh over 100 pounds per square foot. This is too much weight for most house structures to support. This heavier, compacted snow can also act as a barrier preventing water from draining and causing water infiltration in a similar way that ice-damming does.

If you have more than 2 feet of snow on your roof or you see cracks in the gypsum above doors or windows or if you have difficulty opening and closing some doors, removing the snow from your roof should be a priority. However, be careful, as this is a dangerous task. If you are not sure how to proceed safely, give us a call and let our professionals take care of this work.

Problems caused by improper installation


A sloppy installation can quickly lead to problems on a roof. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that the company you’re dealing with has the best certifications on the market.

At Zion Roofing, we offer a 5-year installation warranty. In the event that a breach occurs on your roof due to a problem with the installation, we will immediately come and make the necessary repairs at no charge. Our team has the expertise to repair all types of roofs, from the simplest to the most complex, to ensure maximum the duration of the roof. If necessary, our employees can even suggest structural modifications that would allow your roof to work more efficiently to protect your home from the elements.

Problems caused by defective materials


Roofs do not last eternally and there comes a time when a roof or a section of a roof must be redone. If you are needing additional time to make your decision or raise the necessary funds to change your roof, we can perform temporary repairs to help your roof last a little longer.

In the event that the premature wear and tear of your roof is due to a manufacturer’s defect, we can assist you in the warranty application process by contacting the manufacturer. Make sure you have all the necessary documents on hand (proof of payment, contract, invoice, warranty documents).

Does your roof need repair? Contact our team of experts today!

Roof maintenance


Proper roof maintenance can help extend the life of your roof and help detect and correct defects in the roof before they cause damage to your property.

The following services are included in our maintenance packages:

  • Snow and ice removal;
  • Visual inspection of the roof;
  • Repair or replacement of loose shingles (up to 5 pieces);
  • Replacement of damaged or defective screws or nails;
  • Gutter cleaning;
  • Replacement of damaged caulking.



Several specialized products have been developed to correct problems specific to different types of roof. For example, asphalt shingle roofs are known to eventually develop bands of black algae over time. There are several zinc products that can be added to an existing roof to resolve this problem. There are also products that have been developed to rejuvenate the appearance of shingles and extend their life. A well-executed maintenance plan allows to identify your needs for such products and use them before real problems occur.

Define a maintenance plan adapted to your roof!

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