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Problems due to inadequate ventilation tend to get worse over time, and large amounts of mould can be dangerous to your health. Several components play a role in ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated:

  • Was the insulation done correctly?
  • Do the soffits provide sufficient fresh air?
  • Are the exhaust pipes of the various fans properly connected to appropriate vents?
  • Are there suitable attic vents?

In general, if the answer to any of these questions is no, problems may arise due to insufficient ventilation in the attic. Mould, rot, frost, ice build-up, leaks and premature roof wear are some of the most common problems caused by inadequate ventilation. It is also important to note that almost all roof-related warranties do not apply in the event of inadequate ventilation.

How do I know if the roof ventilation is inadequate?

If from the inside of your attic you cannot see light entering soffits, there is a chance they may be blocked and it may be worth having it inspected by a professional. As well, if you have fans for your shower or kitchen stove, but you do not see an air exhaust duct on your roof or outside wall, you should consider having someone verify where all that steam is going.

If you suspect that your home has ventilation problems,

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